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January 30th-February 4th

In our 6 days together you will experience a practice that changes you beyond the physical surface so you can make the life changes you've been too afraid to make. 

Submerse yourself in a soul-stirring yoga practice and realize the hidden potential living in your cell tissue.
How much longer are you willing to live with: fatigue, overwhelm, brain fog, indecisiveness, or anxiety?

The only way to break out of these draining states of being is to change your thoughts, beliefs, and physical routine. 

This FREE SERIES is the perfect opportunity to create a movement method that lights up your brain and inspires you to accentuate the strongest, most audacious version of yourself. 

Make 2024 YOUR YEAR to live in this chaotic world with grace, integrity and ease.


Your Future Self moves confidently with freedom and ease...

In this FREE SERIES you will restore strength in 6 underused areas so you can feel more supported in your achy joints!

Tuesday-Friday 8:00am-9:00am est

Saturday-Sunday 9:30am-10:30am est

Class recordings available all week!

DAY 1- Tuesday, Jan. 30th

Hip stability & mobility

DAY 2- Wednesday, Jan. 31st

Lower back tune-up
DAY 3- Thursday, Feb. 1st

Neck & shoulder unwind

DAY 4- Friday, Feb. 2nd
"Like butt-er"- your glutes!

DAY 5- Saturday, Feb. 3rd

Hips, Shoulders and Core

DAY 6- Sunday, Feb 4th

Heart Opening

Live on Zoom

Stream class recordings all week!



Pink Smudge

"I really enjoyed your heart opening class which ended up being amazing for my back!

I wish I could do it everyday, so many poses I hadn’t done for my back that were amazing."



"One thing you can be assured from Denise’s class no matter your level  - you will go deep and discover  every class a transformative journey." 


Pink Smudge

"That class was absolutely phenomenal.  By the time we did side crow/pre-crow, I could actually twist enough to make progress in this type of pose. 


I loved everything from the two select ball poses in the beginning (felt those immediately opening my back), to the core work and B series.


I felt my neck unwinding, my body strengthening and my nervous system down-regulating."


Pink Smudge

“You have an amazing ability in class to share a little piece of your soul. Somehow you’ve managed to keep that inspiring connection up while teaching on Zoom.


You are so vulnerable when connecting to each class intention. Some of the biggest convincing that I was strong enough to take on a new challenge was your classes.”


Your Future Self is Waiting

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