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Red Mountain

Groundwork Sessions
Center yourself for 2024

Sunset Healing Collective 

Sunday Mornings

November 12th & 26th

December 3rd & 10th

40 Sunset Ridge RoadNew Paltz, NY

Build strength and awareness in areas that are underused and misused so you can release your restrictive beliefs about your body and feel good in your life.

Learn accessible moves to heal your neck, shoulders, hips and back! 

This is a perfect opportunity to support yourself for the holiday season and what's to come in 2024.

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Get Calm: Strong Shoulders, Relaxed Neck

Sunday, November 12th


Learn how to stop struggle in its tracks by feeling for those internal red flags.

This class is an exploration and excavation of embedded tension in the neck and shoulders.

What to expect:


  • abdominal work, vinyasa, standing poses, and shoulder strengtheners

  • a few therapy ball massage moves targeting the neck, upper back and rotator cuff muscles

  • neck releasing stretches

  • stability & mobility  moves for shoulders, including rotator cuff muscles

  • injury prevention and healing techniques

  • take-away moves that you can practice at home

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Heart Activation: Chest Opening & Back Care

Sunday, November 26th


In times of turmoil and unpredictable changes, leaning into stability and doing what centers us will help us feel safe and supported so when we can show up in our lives with integrity.

Get centered on your mat and take a reprieve from external stressors.

What to expect: 

  • chest opening

  • therapy ball massage, some vinyasa, strength-based poses

  • shoulder opening and strengthening

  • upper back warming

  • abdominal work

  • back traction moves

  • entire back body strengtheners


Em Walis- Arrow Lunge_edited.jpg

Get Grounded: Hip Stability

Sunday, December 3rd

@ 10:00am-11:30am

Do you know what grounds you when life goes sideways? Practice feeling for simple tools that help center you on your yoga mat so it becomes second nature in your life. 

Target your hip joints from every conceivable angle. Learn accessible moves to help stabilize your hips, pelvis and lower back.

What to expect:


  • exclusive hip-opening abdominal work

  • therapy ball rolling for glutes and hip flexors

  • unique strength work to stabilize your pelvis

  • long held standing poses

  • vinyasa with baby backbends

  • mobility exercises to increase hip flexibility

EM- Elbow to Knee.jpg

Get Centered: Core Strengthening 

Sunday, December 10th


A strong core not only supports our spine and posture but increases self confidence and according to research helps reduce stress.

Light up all the blind spots in your core (beyond your abdominals) in this healing class. 

What to expect:

  • core-work galore

  • back muscle strengthening

  • inner thigh awakening

  • some vinyasa with long held standing poses

  • balancing poses

  • gentle therapy ball massage

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