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Those soul-zapping beliefs and patterns that paralyze you from making transformational life changes are living in your cell tissue. 

This emotional backlog can often manifest as aches, pains, inflammation and injuries. 

And aches and pains are excellent distractors. 

They divert you from taking those life leaps that both excite and terrify you. 

After 18 years of teaching yoga, I’ve discovered the best ways to release these pain points and emotional ties so you can finally move the needle on your deepest desires.

Because how you feel in your body will determine what is possible for you in your life!

In this 8 week virtual series we will use 5 secret ingredients to shift your body and mindset:

  • Breath awareness

  • Heart-felt focused intention

  • Strength-based yoga

  • Soft tissue release (therapy ball work)

  • Joint stability and mobility moves


Your yoga practice is a straight-up reflection of how
you live your life.

Become strong and confident in your body so you can generate change with courage and resiliency…even in these shaky, chaotic times! 

Imagine yourself living with freedom in your body and unstoppable passion and perseverance for what stirs your soul! 

In these 8 weeks you will:

  • Stand up taller

  • Feel supported in your joints

  • Be free of body aches

  • Learn how to heal your injuries

  • Feel emotionally lighter

  • Declare and commit to one life change

  • Create clear action steps for taking this leap

In our 8 weeks together you will awaken body blind spots

in 7 key areas:


  • As your main line of support, breath awareness is the key to moving out of the stress response and into "rest and digest".

  • Breathing while you move (on and off your mat) keeps you feeling into the present and less prone to injury.

  • Learn how to change the way you breathe to help transform your thoughts, emotions and body.


  • Daily core work will bolster your spine and improve your posture

  • Strengthen the deepest layers of your core to improve digestion and breathing.

  • Learn how to engage your abdominals to enhance stability and balance


  • Reverse stiffness from too much sitting with short practices you can easily fit into your day.

  • Learn hip stability moves which are crucial as you age.

  • Feel free in your pelvis so you can walk your path with ease

Shoulders, Upper Back & Chest

  • Release muscle tension with stretches and self massage

  • Reverse poor posture that wreaks your neck

  • Strengthen rotator cuff muscles which are common injury points.

Your Back Body

  • Create space in your spine with unique back traction moves.

  • Experience life changing butt-work for hip, leg and back pain.

  • Target core muscles which are beyond the superficial layers and start to heal lower back issues.

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Our Action Plan

This series runs from:

Sunday, Feb 18th- Friday, April 19th

* Series break March 17th-24th

2 Weekly Classes

live and recorded


8:30am-9:30am est


8:00am-8:45am est

Curriculum Overview

WEEKS 1-4 

Pruning & Shedding

  • the facades that stunt your growth

  • your struggle addiction

  • weak boundary setting

  • compost your unworthiness


Integration (Course Break)


Strength of Heart

  • Vulnerability is your greatest asset

  • Embody courage and worthiness

  • Take action!