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Trust every part of yourself & erase indecision. 

Your heart holds unique wisdom separate from your intellect.

Some call it intuition. 

Are you feeling shaken to your core by the uncertainty

of where the world is headed? 

Or where your life is headed?

I feel you.

Some days the overwhelm is so strong that making the

smallest decision feels impossible.

It's time you remembered how to is it to feel free in your body

so you can trust your intuition and live doubt-free.

In this 2 week yoga immersion, you will learn how to use

your body and emotions like a GPS system for

navigating your way through doubt and indecision.

When your body feels stiff and stuck you become your biggest roadblock.

Get out of your own way and make heart-aligned choices.

No more over-thinking. 

No more doubt.

Feel solid in your physiology and exude unstoppable confidence that turns head.

Lies, myths, and secret deceptions that keep us stuck in hesitation

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"Making a choice means things will change and I'm not ready."


"I don't have the energy to  deal with this right now."


"What if I make the wrong choice and blow it? I'll never get a second chance."

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"Listening to my heart sounds woo-woo and impractical."


"My heart is too broken to rely on. The experts know more than my heart."


"If I follow my heart, I run the risk of losing money or hurting their feelings."

The Yoga

Intelligently designed yoga sequences to keep you free from injury

  • Strength based yoga

  • Soft tissue work 

  • Physical therapy inspired exercises

  • Exclusive core work

  • Shoulder & neck therapy

  • Hip stability exercises

  • Back strengthening and traction

The Heart Work

Access the inner knowing of your heart in seconds...

  • Learn how to convert wishy-washy fear-based thoughts into confidence and certainty.

  • Increase your motivation for taking aligned action on a daily basis. 

  • Create effective affirmations to help you build trust in yourself.

  • Develop a lasting home yoga practice 

  • Master breath work that clears brain fog and "analysis paralysis" in minutes.

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Make heart-led choices knowing that your heart is the most reliable resource.

Series Schedule

Sundays (6/9, 6/16)

Mondays (6/10, 6/17)

Wednesdays (6/12, 6/19)

Fridays (6/14, 6/21)



5 week access


What's included:

  • 8 Heart Matters classes

  • FREE ACCESS to my weekly Tuesday & Thursday classes from June 11-20. 

  • On demand streaming of the HEART MATTERS library until  July 14th

Lifetime Access

Own the Heart Matters course as a vital resource during times of turmoil, and uncertainty.

New epiphanies arise every time you come back to these sequences.  

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