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Fall Reset Yoga Retreat

with Denise & Heidi

Himalayan Institute

Pocono Mountains of PA.

September 29th- October 1st

Cultivate a deep connection with the transformative energy of Fall.

Step away from the day-to-day, reconnect, and fall back in love with yoga.

Spend a weekend with Heidi and Denise nourishing yourself with breath, personal intention, healing yoga, and community. You’ll leave lighter with a fresh perspective for the season ahead.

What to expect:
  • Yoga, Yoga, Yoga: breath centered, core-focused, strength building

  • Meditation: pragmatic, doable, applicable

  • Therapy Ball massage targeting your tight spots

  • Yin poses to unwind

  • Time to hike the beautiful trails of the Poconos

  • Nourishing meals prepared for you

Tuition: $387

Lodging ranges: $99/night- $405/night


Em Walis- foot water kick.jpg

The Booty Class

Brooklyn Flow 

Park Slope

Saturday, October  21st

2:00-pm- 4:00pm est

REGISTER HERE  (workshops page)

Glute Amnesia (aka “Dead Butt Syndrome”) is a thing. Weak butt muscles are usually a result of too much sitting and can cause:


  • Sciatica

  • Poor posture

  • Hip pain

  • Knee pain

  • Low back pain

  • Tight or weak hip flexors

  • Weak abdominal muscles


This special yoga intensive focuses your derrière, but it will also benefit your hips!  Our glutes help to mobilize our hips and stabilize the pelvis. They are key is maintaining posture and balance.

Development of these areas is crucial as we age. 


What to expect: 

  • Therapy ball massage work targeting the glutes and other muscles that stabilize the hips and support the lower back

  • Strength & Mobility moves that you can do daily

  • Unique abdominal work

  • A yoga sequence combining vinyasa, hip-opening standing poses, balancing poses and butt strengtheners

Em Walis-Lounge Lunge_edited.jpg

Heart Matters Immersion Brooklyn Flow

November 4th & 5th



$55 single day

$90 for both days

This special weekend immersion will motivate you to take scary heart-led action knowing that your heart is the most reliable resource. - It all starts on your yoga mat- the very best training ground for life. - 


Make a declaration and carve out a weekend for YOU to work on YOU. 

THE YOGA: Therapy ball massage targeting shoulders, upper back, neck and lower back. Shoulder and hip mobility poses, lower back strengthening, exclusive abdominal moves, chest opening, vinyasa with long held standing poses.

THE HEART WORK: Create personal heart-based intentions to be used daily. Get honest about the beliefs and fears that keep you stuck in indecision. Spark Clarity through journal prompts so you can make choices based on what you desire, not what others will think. Create a more coherent heart by learning to embody emotions of the heart.

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