Liberate Your Neck & Shoulders

Forrest Yoga & Therapy Ball  Intensive

Brooklyn Flow

Dec. 10th


We hold struggle in our cel tissue and often it lives in our neck and shoulders…sometimes for decades.


Learn how to stop struggle in its tracks by feeling for those internal red flags. They show up in our poses and in our lives. 


What to expect:


  • At least 30 minutes of therapy ball work targeting the neck, upper back and rotator cuff muscles

  • Neck releasing stretches

  • Forrest Yoga abdominal work

  • Vinyasa with long held standing poses and baby backbends

  • Strength & stability moves for shoulders

EW-Dolphin Strut.JPG

Make Peace with Your Hips

Forrest Yoga & Therapy Ball  Intensive

Living Seed Yoga

New Paltz, NY

Saturday, January 7th


This breath-focused and intention-driven intensive will get you feeling your hips more deeply.  Journey through your “body blind spots” which hold us back in our poses and in our lives. You will learn moves that turn on hip-supporting muscles that can be woven into your personal practice.


What to expect:


  • exclusive hip-opening abdominal work

  • self-massage with therapy balls

  • unique strength work to stabilize your pelvis

  • long held standing poses

  • vinyasa with baby backbends

  • a delicious neck massage before a sweet Savasana

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