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Unlocking Your Hips & Shoulders

Learn the top 6 yoga moves to reduce pain so that your body no longer hijacks your ability to thrive in your life.

Saturday & Sunday
June 1st & 2nd
10:00-11:15am est/7:00am-8:15am pst

Did you know that up to 7o percent of people suffer from shoulder pain at some point in their lives (Harvard Medical School)?  Even the simplest move of washing your hair or putting on a seatbelt can be debilitating. 

And it's estimated that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 12 men will experience a hip fracture in their lifetime (National Institute of Health). The risk of fracture increases with age and is more likely with balance issues.

Alleviating your pain through yoga and breath awareness is one of the best ways to have a life of freedom, contentment, and happiness.

Your body is a sounding board for making tough decisions in your life. 

It signals you to your instinctual truths, but the distraction of external

drama hinders your ability to make healthy choices.

In this FREE 2 day intensive we'll reduce pain by using my tried and true method which includes:

  • Improved centering and concentration through 1 vital breath work practice

  • strength-based yoga to activate 5 body blind spots in your shoulders and hips

  • 4 deep, no-nonsense core strengtheners 

  • 3 key physical therapy-inspired moves to support rotator cuff muscles

  • 2 simple hip stability and mobility drills for your daily routine 

  • heart centered affirmations to deactivate old limiting beliefs

I'm your guide on the side...

Your on-the-mat experience is your best teacher.  The thoughts you think and feelings you have in response to the poses and your body are a direct reflection of how you act in your life.

As a yoga leader and intuitive body reading expert, I'll be there to help you access poses based on your injuries and true potential. 

For the past 18 years I have taught students of all abilities and ages.  My deep knowledge of anatomy and kinesthetics combined with a knack for reading the energy of students has lead hundreds of students to living pain-free lives with more strength and an innate confidence in themselves. 

I am passionate about sharing knowledge, learning, and helping empower others to heal from within.

Click here for more info on my teaching history.

A. Luther, New Jersey

 "I've been recovering from some cervical spine issues and Denise's classes have helped me heal more than physical therapy. She is masterful at sequencing yoga poses." 

N. Goetz-Schmidt, New York

 "Denise offers accessible yoga to everyone with modification suggestions and she does personal check ins if you have an injury. I do not like to work out by video at home, but I do it with Denise because her energy comes through the screen to keep me motivated and I see results."

M. Pecht, California

"Somehow Denise manages to keep an inspiring connection up while teaching on Zoom. She is so vulnerable when connecting to each class intention. Some of the biggest convincing that I was strong enough to take on a new challenge was her classes.”
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