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strength based yoga + therapy ball massage

Saturday, February 24th


Brooklyn Flow

198 Fifth Ave, Park Slope

To register: Click "BOOK NOW" then go to the "workshops page".


This unique intensive combines Forrest Yoga, strength and mobility exercises and therapy ball massage. If you have tight hips, lower back pain, struggle with balance or sit for hours at a time, this class is calling your name!  


Often a tight muscle means a weak muscle. So expect lots of strength work targeting your hips from all angles.  Therapy balls will be used to help you feel areas that are under-used so you can connect to them properly within your yoga poses and every day movements. 


From the security of your mat, you will develop tools to help you deal with emotional struggle that often manifests in the hips. When you meet your edge Denise will encourage you to approach the poses with breath and playful curiosity.

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