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Private Yoga Sessions in the Hudson Valley
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About Denise Hopkins

Denise Hopkins (E-RYT500) is a Forrest Yoga Mentor teacher and intuitive body reading expert, certified in Yoga Tune Up® and the Roll Model Method. Through her hands-on healing, she draws from over 15 years of experience to help students work through physical and emotional challenges. Each student feels seen and heard by Denise, who is on a mission to empower them with resilience for self-development along the way. Find Denise in New York city, the Hudson Valley and online. 

Classes: What to Expect

Classes are breath-focused and intention driven to get you feeling more deeply into your core. Every class includes exclusive abdominal work and long-held standing poses combined with vinyasa and joint stability moves. Learn how to safely tailor each pose to work for you, specifically with physical and emotional injuries. From the security of your mat, you will develop tools to help you deal with fear and struggle.  It is likely that you will encounter your edges in this class. And as a response to this Denise will encourage you to approach the poses with playful curiosity.

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