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Heart Matters

 Heart-led, doubt-free decision making in 7 days

Live your yoga

Trust every part of yourself & erase indecision. 

Do you get an instant rush when you hear your heart whispering

its deepest desires?

And then in seconds you are shot down by self-sabotaging voices- 

“That’s just not practical.  Incredible things happen to other people, not me."

Lies, myths, and secret deceptions that keep us stuck in hesitation

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"Making a choice means things will change and I'm not ready."


"I don't have the energy to  deal with this right now."


"What if I make the wrong choice and blow it? I'll never get a second chance."

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"Listening to my heart sounds woo-woo and impractical."


"My heart is too broken to rely on. The experts know more than my heart."


"If I follow my heart, I run the risk of losing money or hurting their feelings."

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Take scary heart-led action knowing that your heart is the most reliable resource

From your yoga mat...

  • Learn how to convert wishy-washy fear-based thoughts into feelings of possibility and confidence.

  • Increase your energy and motivation for taking aligned action on a daily basis. 

  • Create effective affirmations to help you build trust in yourself

  • Develop a lasting home yoga practice 

  • Master breath work that clears brain fog and "analysis paralysis" in minutes

  • Experience meditations that build coherence in your heart and brain. 

A nurtured heart is a wise heart.

Investment:   $147
This course is on-demand.

You have access to all 7 classes for 14 days from the date of your purchase. 


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